Currents from the kitchen

Prediction: I predict that the lemon will do the best job at conducting electricity because it is an acidic fruit and that may play a big role in creating the best charge.

observation of the circuit set up:

I  noticed that in order for the circuit to be complete and work to its best ability it had to be closed in order to make the meter move. For my group it took a little longer to make it work


orange= 3 v

apple= 2 vimg_5822-jpg

grape= 5 v

lemon= 7 v

observations/ End result:

In conclusion the prediction i made was correct. The more acidic the fruit the more that they will conduct electricity. The acid in the lemon makes ions, when put you put it in with water or a solution (lemons have much water in them ) The ions from the acids are the same type as the ions in a electric current.


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