Communication Timeline

The development of communication has changed so much over the past 1000 years, let alone the last 20 years, it has changed in so many ways. Mobile devices are getting more compact and efficient. Cellphones, radios, televisions all get portable. Everything gets more convenient to use; users are now able to call, set alarms, even use a […]

Wonder Project 10

My wonder question is “What if what we perceive as the big bang is actually us falling into a black hole, will that change our understanding of how the universe started?” I found this question really interesting because how would you figure this out? I sent the question my dad asking him what he thought, […]

Media Research Post

To think that Snapchat, a multi-billionaire company was formed by 3 individuals, under the influence, wanting to send graphic pictures to women of his body parts? Reggie Brown was a Stanford student just like any other 20-year-old although he had an idea and followed through with it. After planning everything with his college friends (Evan […]

What is new media?

New Media  Firstly, what is new media? Well there are many types of new media that have been brought to the public in last 10-20 years, such as mobile phones, music, internet, books have all been around for various periods of time but recently they have started changing. People can now listen to the radio on your mobile phone […]

Electric House Project

So basically in this project I had to build a house out of cardboard and decorate it with furniture and paint/wallpaper on the inside and out side, and also circuit all it’s electricity. For the project you need 4 circuits in total, a parallel, series, one with both series and parallel, and one of your […]

Bioethics- designer babies

How would altering a child’s genetic code affect (132S-Tyuleneva, Masha) My question abt the desicion   For our project we talked about designer babies and the different points and perspective based on the ethics. Our dilemma is “How would altering a child’s genetic code affect them in today’s society” We all did lots of research […]