PE 10 – First Aid Video Project

As a part of PE 10, we’ve been learning about first-aid and proper emergency scene management. We’ve been studying these emergency scene management concepts for the past few days, including the ABCs and CAB-D as well as how to react to different crises and problems that may arise. My group and I have compiled a presentation that shows proper scene management and how to react in a crisis.


Terminology :

ABCs: Airway, breathing & circulation

CAB-D: Circulation, airway, breathing, defibrillation


How to react to in the event of an emergency:

  • Do a scene survey
    • Take charge of the situation
    • Assess the hazards
    • Find the history, the how and why?
    • Obtain consent. (if unconscious consent is assumed)
    • Send someone for help. (911)
    • If head injuries are suspected support head and neck.
    • If spinal injuries are suspected leave them in the original position found.
    • Assess responsiveness (do the answer your questions?)
  • Conduct a primary survey
    • Assess ABCs (Airway, Breathing & Circulation)
    • CAB-D in the event of a heart attack and wait for AED.
  • Secondary survey (ongoing care)
    • Treat for shock (loosen clothing, cover with blanket, reassure casualty)
    • Monitor (check ABCs again)
    • Record events & report the incident(s) to medical experts or police. When medical help arrives, you should be prepared to report on:
      • What happened
      • The suspected injuries
      • What first aid has been provided


Core Competencies Reflection:

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