Consumable waste – Foods 10

How we could reduse waste storing


People throw away lots and lots of waste everyday. But would they really be throwing away a lot if there wasn’t a lot to throw away in the first place? Companies that make their containers for like pasta sauce and milk jugs etc. Put unnecessary things like that plastic flap that gets removed at the top of the peanut butte container or the milk jug you just opened. There’s no real point of having those if they just get thrown out right away anyway. The don’t keep food in the container in either. That’s why we have a lid on the container in the first place. Plastic bags are also a big part of wasting. You can use a plastic bag over and over before actually throwing it away. Same with sandwich bags. You can wash them out and use them again for whatever you used them for the time before. Doing this will save you money and save our earth from another piece of garbage buried into it. When recycling we need to make sure the recycling is going into the right bin. It’s very important to do that. We also need to make sure that when we recycle, the recycling lands actually in the bin and not on the floor, it could end up flying away and over time end up in our oceans, polluting them and making all of our sea life die. The world is getting worse and worse and people are not taking it seriously. People are posting on their instagram stories about the awful current events that are happening and then saying “oh no”. They don’t really care though because if they did, planet earth would be getting better and its life expectancy would be rising on dropping. In conclusion, we need to reuse things and not throw them away right in that moment.

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