Dr. Seuss Music Reflection


Lyrical Seuss Reflection


What was the goal of this assignment (ie. what were we trying to achieve?) and how does that connect to our conversations around sound and sound use in media (literature, film & music)?

The goal for this assessment was to illustrate how telling a story is important in movies, tv, music etc. not just to look/sound cool, but to also incorporate story into pieces of art.


Tell me about your process; in class we discussed the stages of explore, play and create; what did that look like to you (be specific)?

I have been experimenting with muse score for about a year now, but I have yet to create a piece in a minor key. With that in mind, I started to play around with the D minor scale and how I can use its Harmonic/melodic variants in my piece. During the recording of this piece, there were some mess ups, but also some happy accidents. If you compare it to the sheet music, some parts are different. This is just the process of interpretation and it brought out some musicality in this piece.


Tell me about the choices you made… for example; did you use beatmaker by splice? what story did you choose? what were the decisions made about the creation of the beat itself? why did you choose to do it the way that you did?  and most importantly… tell me why you made those decisions!!!

I made the choice to make a choir piece over a rap due to my passion in music. It also seems cool to make a very dramatic version of green eggs and ham.





Overall, how well did you achieve your goal?

           – 1 being: I didn’t even know what the goal was…

           – 5 being: I achieved my goal and I feel great about it!



Rate your experience on an enjoyment/fun scale:

           – 1 being: I hated this assignment

           – 3 being: this was surprisingly fun

           – 5 being: from day one to presentation day I really liked this one!



Tell me (could be just 1 item… could be 20…) what you learnt through this process (it could be skill based: something like learning a new app or how to use a new online platform… it could be something technical to do with literature like the purpose of rhyming to a beat… it could something like how having fun produces good results).  Think outside the box… explore your mind 🙂

I learned about the soprano and alto vocal ranges better. When I gave it to my singers, the female singer could not sing as high as written without compromising the musicality.