What kind of technology would we need to support life on non habitable planets?

What is a habitable planet


For a planet to habitable, you’ll need the planet to be a suitable distance away from its star. If the planet is too close to the star, everyone would quite literally burn and die. If the planet is too far from the star, it be very cold and farming would be a pain 


The gravity of a planet is determined on the mass and size of the planet, and if it is too small or too light. It would be increasingly difficult to stay on the planet, and to create structures on the planet.

The Core

Having a molten core is very important addition to a habitable planet. Planets with a molten core assists in protecting the life forms on it from flares from nearby stars and harmful radiation


Atmospheres are important because they can trap gas on the planet so we can breathe. It also would be nice for extra protection from radiation

With All these things, a planet would be habitable. Sadly, there are no planets that meet all these requirements in our solar system. 
There are 2 planets that are similar to earth but also have their own challenges of life. These planets are Mars and Venus.


Venus has a similar size and structure than earth and some scientists suspect there was an ancient ocean on the planet. Venus  has a very slow rotation, and has a iron core. Venus’ atmosphere consists mainly of carbon dioxide, with clouds of sulfuric acid droplets. The thick atmosphere traps heat from the sun and has a surface temperature of 470 degrees Celsius (does melt lead)

This Video Represents the power of Sulfuric Acid

If it was possible to make a cooling system to prevent utter destruction, you would also have to deal with a huge amount of carbon dioxide. So you would need a way to get oxygen to the planet so you wouldn't just die.


Mars is cold so we would need to build a lot of building for farms and stuff. It has iron, titanium, nickel, aluminum, sulfur, chlorine and calcium. There is a good amount of water. The main problem with mars, is that the gravity is not that strong and the atmosphere is very thin.



Living on mars would require technology that we already have and is in close reach of being done. Mars is a more realistic planet to live on rather than Venus, but if we advanced our technology enough to get oxygen to Venus, it would be really interesting if we lived on the hot planet.


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