Math 10 – Week 12

What Is Slope?

The slope of a line represents how steep the line is on the graph. To find the slope, you’ll need to identify the nice points (Whole numbers) on the line (at least 2).

Now you need to find the rise and run that is required to get from 1 point to the next (rise before run). After you know your rise and run, you can put it in a fraction (rise over run). This fraction will be your slope (simplify if possible). Also we use the letter m for slope.

In this example we have a rise of 5 and a run of 1. So our slope will be 5 (m = 5).









Make sure to read left to right, because sometimes you’ll come across a negative slope. The difference between positive and negative slopes is that a positive slope is going up and a negative slope is going down (reading from left to right)

In this example, the rise is -1 and the run is 1, so the slope will be -1 (m = -1)  



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