Math 10 – Week 11

How to Find the Distance Between 2 Points on a Graph

We have 2 points ( (2,4) and (6,4), to find the distance between these 2 lines we’ll need to see if any of the x or y values are the same. If they are, it makes your job in finding the distance easier. In this example, our y values are the same, so all we have to do is subtract 2 from 6 (6 – 2) and well get 4. So the distance between these 2 points will be 4.


If the line is not perfectly vertical or horizontal, Finding the distance will take a bit longer

in this graph, we have points at (1,1.5) and (2,4). If you look closely, you’ll see a right triangle like this

So all we have to do is some Pythagorean theorem and we can find our answer.

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