Solution Fluency

  1. What do i want my armour to look like for the wooden sword fight in a few weeks
  • Light armour to protect my arms and legs
  • Heavy armour that prevents myself from being hurt at all
  • Heavy armour in a few places
  • Arms and legs only

     3) Arms and legs armour only: Heavy armour that covers most of my arms and legs. Right arm is a super small shield that can be used as a weapon if the sword is dropped. Bigger shield on left hand for even more protection against my enemy


     4) Over the next few months i will learn more about sword fighting and finish the product with the most defence within the light weight category of armour. Currently 1 piece (the really small shield) has been made and is ready for combat. After the sword fight i will improve on it and make it perfect.


Me in the Future: All my Armour is now perfect after testing and experimenting of various designs and techniques  

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