Week 3 – Precalc 11

For week 3 of pre-calc 11, we had two short lessons to begin our unit on “Absolute Value and Radicals”. Lesson 1 focused on absolute value, something I had not been familiar with until now. The concept describes the digit value of a number from zero. A formula can be used in which you take the square root of a square to get a numbers absolute value.

Ex: \sqrt{x^2}

If we take the number -5 for example, -5 squared is 25, then root 25 is 5. The absolute value of -5 is 5. It is 5 places away from 0.

\sqrt{(-5)^2} = 5

Lesson 2 focused on simplifying radical expressions, using the prime factorization and breaking down the expression, methods that we used in math 10. To simplify an entire radical such as \sqrt{96} we take all the prime factors (2x2x2x2x2x3), and gather the groups of 2 as it is a SQUARE root. There are two groups of 2’s with a leftover 2 and a leftover 3. The groups are multiplied together (2×2 = 4) which makes the coefficient, and the leftovers are multiplied giving the radicand. \sqrt{96} = 4\sqrt{6}

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