Week 1 – Precalc 11

For the first week of our Math pre-calculus class, we have learned about arithmetic sequences and series. I had been familiar with arithmetic sequences, but had never learned about series’, and the equations and calculations that create them. I learned about the formulas you can use to find the necessary numbers for solving a full arithmetic sequence and series.

Such as : t_n = t_1 + d(n – 1)   to solve the value of a term you don’t know yet.

or : S_n = \frac{n}{2}(t_1 + t_2)   to solve the sum of a certain amount of terms in a series.

Both of these help out a ton in solving these patterns.

Another thing I learned, that will help out lot’s in the future, is that an equation without powers is a linear equation.

Example : 17- 5n + 5 = -38    will be a linear equation as there are no powers in it.


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