Electric House Project

For our science 9 final project, we were asked to build a electric house with cardboard, wires, and switches to make sure they activate. I was surprised that all our circuit works. You have three lights bulbs. All have the same intensity when lit. Explain how you can prove to a classmate that they are […]

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Our “Stuff” and the Spheres Mind Map

  Behavior/Item: Electric Guitar Raw Materials Production/Manufacturing   –          Maple or mahogany, and fretboards are typically made from maple, rosewood, and, occasionally, ebony. High-end electric guitars sometimes have one-piece wooden bodies, but many guitars are made from several pieces of the same wood species glued together. –          A nickel/steel alloy string has a slightly more subdued sound than a pure […]

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Biotechnology and Ethics

Our dilemma was is it ethical deliberately evolve the human species?No one can predict the future but one thing is certain; the sun and the Earth will not last forever. In order for the human race to survive the end of our planet, we will need to leave Earth and travel to another world. Our […]

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Scientific Wonder Project.

How will robotics affect the life of teenagers in the future. -It is meaningful to me because, we might get even more lazier and the machines can control you. -This should be meaningful to others because it is important that we leave our devices for a moment and start socializing with people and not talking […]

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Digital footprint

1. How might your digital footprint affect your future opportunities ? give at least two examples – It could affect you because anything you post or send will be saved forever even if you think you delete it, it never goes away. for example when your friend ask you a picture that is inappropriate, it […]

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Community Connection Alternate

Community Connection Alternate Blogpost I’m researching about PYC (Poco Youth Crew) in my community. This volunteering experience is about ways to contribute positively to the community. Past projects have included assisting in special events, hosting the Tri-Cities Youth REACH Awards, and fundraising for a variety of initiatives. Volunteer opportunities are available for youth 13 years […]

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Principle of Flight

1. How did the height you estimated your rocket would reach compare with the actual estimated height? – It didn’t go high I though will be. 2. What do you think might have caused any differences in the height you achieved? – The rocket didn’t go as high I thought will be, it will be […]

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Water bottle rockets

What have you learned about the history of rockets and space travel? Write a summary on the blog about something or someone you found interesting and tell why. – I learned that back in the day they use rockets or engines, and I also learn that the soviet union launched the first satellite in 1957 […]

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Plane Trajectory – Dustin S

1. Draw a path of trajectory of your rocket 2. Which force is acting on the rocket at the moment of launch? (use arrows to indicate direction) 3. As the rocket was half-way up, which force(s) is/are acting on the rocket? (use arrows) 4. As the rocket begins to veer into another direction, which force […]

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