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Your About Me Page….is all about you.  As you get more comfortable with it, it is an opportunity to express who you are, and share the things you like to do. But more so, this is where you can share the best of you.  Include your Riverside leadership activities, field trip experiences, Rapid Change activities, and other amazing things you are doing. This page will grow and change as you do! Here are some ideas to get you started. Please refer to the safe blogging tips, to ensure you protect yourself and others online.

1) What is Your Favorite Quote: Find your favorite quote, or one that is meaningful to you. Copy and paste it, or type it into your page. Explain why you chose it, and remember to record who said it!

2) What is Your Favorite YouTube Clip: Find your favorite YouTube clip, add it to your blog.  Explain why you chose it. Add any clips that show some of the amazing things you’ve done.  When you graduate you can have a list of videos from your entire school career.

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3) Find a Picture that has Impacted You: Find a picture that you like, dislike, has inspired you or is meaningful to you for some reason. Find a picture that is powerful to you. Insert the picture into your page, and explain why you chose this picture.

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4) What is Your Favorite Website: Create a hyperlink to a website that is meaningful to you.  Explain why you chose this site.

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5) The History or Your Birthday: Click on this link click here, enter your birthday…then be amazed by all the cool things that have happened in history on your day! Write about a couple of events you found out about, that took place on your birthday.

Have Fun!

Image result for inspiring quotes on success

I chose this picture for being my favourite quote because I plan on having a successful year in grade nine.  I hope to feel confident about my high school experience.  This quote is by Kushand Wizdom.



The reason I  chose this video was because I thought of the beginning of the school year when they had this song playing.  You haven’t had enough.

Digital portfolio

I chose this link as one of my favourite websites because I’ll want to know more about my digital portfolio later on.  I don’t think that I’m very good with the edublog process.

Image result for inspiring pictures

I chose this picture because I plan on being focused in class.  You always have to stay focused to get more and more stuff done in class.  It’s a Learning curve on how to succeed.

I chose this site because I like keeping up to date on assignments/projects.

The first transatlantic cable was completed on August 5th 1858.

Image result for transatlantic cable

The President Ronald Reagen fired shooting 11 500 air traffic controllers.

Image result for air traffic controllers


This is my science how things work project.


This is my Digital Footprint I did for the COL class.  Your Digital footprint could really affect your future in your lifetime later on.  You have to be so careful with what you post online.



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