Financial Future Project



What was the experience of moving out on your own like?  

Planning moving out during this project was a positive experience I felt excited because I got to plan for when I do move out however moving out might hurt my relationship with my family. 

What are the advantages/disadvantages of it? 


  • I get to sleep in  
  • can go to bed when I want  
  • I don’t have to do what my parents say  


  • You get lonely  
  • Expensive 
  • More stressful  

How much do you think it coasts your parents to support you each month?  


What was the hardest part of this project?  

  • Looking for a house to rent  
  • Being able to stay in my budget  
  • Not being able to afford a car  

What did you learn from this project which may help you in the future?  

That moving out is expensive, and it will help me make wiser decisions in the future for when I want to move out. 

If you did, why did you choose to take a roommate?  

I did not take a roommate. 













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