April 23rd reflection

  1. That we choose what happens if its good or bad and we need to choose the good. And doubt doesn’t mean bad it can always mean good you just need to make it good. 2. When I had to move to my dad’s from my mom’s I at first thought  it was a bad thing but at the same time it was a good thing and yes I had doubt but I overcame it and now everything is good I guess  sense my life is better even know at first it wasn’t what I wanted but  I’m doing better at school I have a loving family here for me and  good friends the only thing that I didn’t get was to really see my  mom but that’s not my fault or my parents I just have to wait till she  is doing better and ready to see me witch is saying that some hard  things are the right thing witch is good doubt and bad doubt but I  made it good doubt. 3. I know now that life is time. You just got to wait for the right time  to come. 

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