1,2 didn’t do 3


How I see this photo in my eyes is beautiful bright and very peaceful. If you wanted to see it in person you might want to stay and look and take a photo. For a memory and enjoy it well it lasts. Sense not everything lasts sadly and. Like a movie birds would come out and sing because the beautiful flowers are in season. And these flowers have a lot of color its just the perfect image to look at. When your sad or happy or angry.




I don’t think it should be changed because they are embracing the culture and not making fun of the name. Also, its always been the team name so why change it now they should have changed it before since now its a tradition and they should respect the red skin community. I think its not about the jersey or team name it’s about the culture and the fans. I think if the name is changed the team and community would not be the same since there would be less people going to games and first nations being proud of the red skins and lose the respect.




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