Safety Story

Today, Monday 9th 2019,  I walked into class and i asked the teacher why do scientist keep deadly viruses when they already had a vaccine for it? what happens if the virus goes airborne again? Mr. Robinson was speechless he didn’t know what to say so he just carried on. Anyways I am so excited but scared at the same time to start this project for our science class because I am starting my first experiment that we have been planning for quite a while now, we planned on making a volcano. When we got to science class Mr.Robinson was explaining all the safety procedures, on this volcano experiment. we first started sculpting our volcano out of paper mache, once we finished building our volcano we waited a few days to let it dry.


while we waited we also made a few tiny versions of the volcano to test the experiment and get the right amount of ingredients. The ingredients we used was vinegar, water, dish soap, and baking soda.  When it was time to start our experiment I put on my safety glasses to protect my eyes from materials or any chemicals.


I went to grab a beaker to mix my ingredients in, a graduated cylinder for measuring the liquids, and an eye dropper to transfer the liquids easier I also got a funnel to pour the liquids so nothing spills. After i got everything I mixed the vinegar, water and dish soap in the beaker. Then i used a spoon to mix the baking soda until it turned into a liquid.


then I used the eye dropper and the funnel to pour the mixed vinegar, water, and dish soap into my volcano. Explosion time it was time to pour the baking soda into the volcano and boom the volcano experiment was a success. I looked over to my friend Caleb and when he tried his it exploded into his eye he wasn’t wearing his safety glasses properly i rushed him to the eye wash station and it worked he was feeling better already.




This symbol means it can damage  the  lungs  skin  and  eye




This symbol means that it can carry one or more explosive chemicals in it.

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Consumer Hazard symbols



This  symbols  means  that  it  is  a highly  reactive chemical that  causes  damage  to  living  tissue




This symbol means that the product is highly flammable.




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Digital Footprint

  1. How does digital footprint affect your future opportunities.!?

Digital footprint could ruin your future career if you post anything offensive on social media and your boss can search it up and have you fired, and your career will be gone. Digital footprint can also help your future career by posting useful and helpful information on the internet that anyone could use, and your boss will determine if you’re worthy for the job.

2.Describe at least three strategies that you can use to keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe.!

think before you post anything online because it can get traced back to you and get you fired from your current job.

nothing that is posted online can get deleted off databases but it is best to delete old profiles instead leaving them unattended.

check your privacy settings its important to know who can view your post online, most websites you use have privacy setting, and you can use them to pick who can see your post.



3. I would tell other students to be really cautious of what the post on the internet because if they post bad stuff their future boss can search it up off the internet and use it against you, and you could lose your job. 

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