Prime Number Love Poem

(To the tune of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) Written by: Kelsey Stewart and Didi Dimitrova   Now this is a story all about how my life was changed and spun around Now bed time’s almost here so sit on down I’ll tell you how I met your mama one night in town   In […]

3 Paragraph Reflection

(This is a 3 paragraph reflection on 3 topics. It is for my Math 9 Honours class.) 3 Paragraph Reflection: -This article affects me because this happens very regularly, to many people of different ages. Whether it is to take part in a political discussion or to bully someone online, many people hide behind […]

Lipocytes Story

(This is my cell story on the life of a Lipocyte. This is for my Science 9 Honours class and COL 9.) Story: Hi my name is Lipo, but my real name is Lipocyte. I am a cell that is found in humans as well as animals, and my job is to store fat and […]