“How can poetry uplift a community?”

For this project, we were given the task and ultimately asked the question, “How can poetry uplift a community?”. After completing this project I have learned that not only poetry but words have the power to inspire hope and joy within our communities. Words are like little puzzle pieces, that when put together carefully can create a beautiful image. With everything that is going on in the world today, many people have been struggling with the lack of socialisation and in-person communication. Not to mention, many families are suffering from difficult situations, and our frontline workers are putting everything that they have. Both of my poems were inspirational and encouraged people to see that we will get through this. Through this project, I learned that even the random acts of kindness can go a long way when a community is suffering together.

After brainstorming ideas on our own and as a class, I decided that the two best ways for me to share my two poems are through a banner and printouts that are posted on poles and boards within my neighbourhood. By sharing my poems to my community through this way, my goal was to reach a variety of people who were out on family walks, bike rides or daily runs. By seeing my own poem and the poem that I choose, I hoped that they can give people something to think about and brighten up their thoughts through a dark time.


The Poems…


The Rainbow After The Storm

-Didi Dimitrova


The skies fill with clouds,

Encircling the world in grey.

The vivid memory of the sunny day,

Is slowly fading away.

I feel as though my happiness,

Is being washed away,

From the rain drops that fall from the sky,

This gloomy Friday.

I watch the trees sway,

The birds abandon their nests,

I close my eyes and hope to see,

A happier and brighter reality.

The view is still the same,

Darkness engulfing each house.

But, then I see a wonder,

Through the dark, thick blanket of cloud.

Seven colours like no other,

Strike the blackened sky.

All in perfect symmetry,

And inspire my thoughts to fly.

I stare in amazement,

As these pigments shimmer and grow.

Remembering, that after every storm,

Comes a beautiful rainbow.



I Feel The Sun

-Wang Xiaoni


Down a long, long corridor

I keep walking…

-A window straight ahead so bright it hurts my eyes,

reflective walls on both sides.

Sunlight, me,

I stand with the sunlight.

-The sunlight is so intense!

So warm people stop in their tracks,

so bright people hold their breath.

All the light in the universe collects here.

-I don’t know that anything else exists.

There is only me, leaning on the sunlight,

stopping  for ten seconds.

Ten seconds can be so long

as a quarter century!

At last, I rush down the stairs,

pull open the door,

dash about in the spring sunlight…



TASK 1: Poem Printouts

For Wang Xiaoni’s poem, “I Feel The Sun” I chose to share it by printing little papers and posting them within my neighbourhood. I printed about 10 and took pictures of some of the places that I posted them to. I chose this method because I noticed that recently there have been a lot of families going out for walks and thought that this would be a great way to reach many people. Here are some places that I attached them to…

Press Arrow For Some Pictures…







Another way I shared this poem is…

Using Wang Xiaoni’s poem, “I Feel The Sun” I also chose to share it another way. I decided to stick another copy of this poem on my front door surrounded by the hearts that my little brother had previously cut out in support of all the medical frontline workers. I thought that this would be an amazing way to share it again because it also happens to be beside our mailbox where the mailman visits. I knew that many people look out for the paper hearts and might notice the poem as well. 


TASK 2: Poem Banner

For my poem, “The Rainbow After The Storm”, I decided to create a big banner and hang it from my balcony. I took a roll of banner paper and painted the lines from my poem. I chose this method because I knew that it would get the attention of nearby neighbours and members of my community. Several times throughout the day, I saw people walking my by my house and come to a stop to read what it said. I even saw some neighbours take pictures!

What can we do to help…

During difficult times like these, we always wonder what we can do to help. We all have different abilities and have different skills to offer. I found that something as simple as posting and sharing poems within our communities was a simple yet successful way to cheer people up. It is important to remember that “help” looks like many different things and we should all be looking out for each other. 

What is my message…

The message of both poems was to stay open-minded and to remember to stay positive. It is very common for people to lose hope during difficult times where we are faced with many challenges. Students have had to adapt very quickly to online learning and many people have spent more time than usual locked up at home. With my poems, I wanted to remind people that we can get through this together, and it is important to stay hopeful!

Thank you to all of the front line workers! Your work doesn’t go unnoticed!

How did I persuade my audience…

In general, it is hard to persuade people to think a certain way if you don’t have the opportunity to talk with them in person, however, I found that by using the analogy that after every storm comes a rainbow helped. I think we can all agree that with most of the world going on complete lockdown, it can appear as though a storm is raging. However, we have to remember that after every storm comes a rainbow and our lives will get back to normal. The poem by Wang Xiaoni also demonstrated this idea because it is written from the perspective of going through a long corridor, which in the poem references to a hard winter. However, after the long and dreadful winter always comes spring and the sun will shine once again. Both poems demonstrate and encourage the hopeful spirit as well as positive thinking during a negative situation. 

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