a) Briefly describe your new and improved idea, by incorporating ideas and/or feedback.

The Support Team at Riverside is currently working on introducing innovative technology and showing students and teachers the benefits it has to offer. Most of our members have been exploring and working with MicroBits which are incredible pieces of technology with infinite possibilities. Our goal is to show and teach how these gadgets can be used to our advantage and how they can also be applied within our school community. We will achieve this goal by creating a welcoming and friendly environment in the Maker’s Space where teachers and students can come together and explore the potential of these tools. We will be starting Monday Lunch Tech sessions where teachers will be encouraged to come and work one on one with a Tech Support Team student. With this collaboration, we will be able to share how technology can be useful in our classrooms as well as new ways to incorporate it in our learning.

b) Answer the following questions:

– What problems might we run into?

A problem that we might run into at first is that there might not be enough teachers willing to come and join us at lunch. If this is the case we will just have to advertise the idea more and share how this will benefit the students and teachers around the school. Another issue that we might face is if we have too little Tech Team students available for the teacher demand. Since there will be a few students that might be more advanced with certain technologies we could always get some students that are outside of the Support Team for additional help. They might not be as well informed but they will still be perfect support to help us start this new project.

What skills do we need to complete this project? How can we attain these skills?

Some key skills that will be required to complete this project are communication with a variety of age groups and the ability to remain patient. These two skills are essential to effectively collaborate and teach how MicroBits work but also how they can be applied within our classrooms and education. The communication piece will be important because we must understand that some people may require more assistance than others and might be different types of learners. We need to learn how to explain and talk with the different types of learners so that they can maximize their understanding. Patience is another key element because if we get frustrated easily then we will not be fit to help anyone else who might be struggling with the same issue. We can attain these skills through working and getting together at lunches as a team and teaching one another what we know about MicroBits. By doing this, we will work on communicating with one another while practising our patience when teaching.

c) Create a brief timeline of key things that need to happen to ensure successful completion of your project. What happens next?

  1. Continue exploring how MicroBits work and understand why they are important-Before we start to teach others how to use MicroBits, we need to make sure we know what we are doing. We also need to understand the benefits and potential uses of this technology so that we can express how students and teachers would be able to enhance their learning throughout this new technology.
  2. Start the Teacher Maker Mondays-This is the step that will be starting in 2 weeks. We will meet and work one to one with teachers who are willing to learn how to use MicroBits. After our first lunch, we will brainstorm what worked and what didn’t so that we can improve for the next teacher-student maker space collaboration.

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