a) What are the strengths? Things you found useful.

I loved the DIVI Builder Plugin because there are so many different layouts and you can customize so many more aspects of your edublog. You can change things like the colour of the font and add borders so that it can match and enhance your edublog layout. I found that the “Countdown” timer and image slider were two really cool options in DIVI Builder that I think can benefit and be useful to so many students. It really focuses on the creative aspect of handing in a project which isn’t always easy when doing an edublog post. I also found that in general, it was pretty easy to get the hang of how to use the builder itself. It took me about 10 minutes to almost completely understand how all of the different options work, and after that, it was just playing around with the different layouts.

b) What are the weaknesses? Things you found could be improved.

The only major weakness that I found was that you couldn’t really see what the layout looked like until you previewed the changes. I wish they had a view option where you could change it on the website itself so that you didn’t have to keep updating your changes and then going back and editing a single minuscule thing. Another thing is when I first started playing around with the builder, I found it confusing to understand how the rows and columns worked. I tried searching up videos on how to use it but I couldn’t find any that were specifically about Edublogs. This might be something that one of our TechTeam groups would want to work on as a future project and we could make video tutorials and then post them on our YouTube page to help Riverside students!

c) How can this plugin be used in a classroom setting to enhance student learning? Would you use it and/or recommend it?

I think that the DIVI Builder is something that should definitely be incorporated into a classroom because it would encourage students to explore the benefits of technology on their own. Sometimes we aren’t given 100% creativity in our projects and assignments but if they were to use this builder, students would have a lot more say and flexibility when digitally handing in their work. I do recommend using DIVI, however, I recommend sitting down and either putting aside a couple of hours to explore it on your own or sitting down with someone that might already be familiar with the builder. In my last two years of high school, I never spent a lot of time making my edublog posts because there were never many aspects I could personalize. I could only change the font and add in different types of media. Now with DIVI, I will not only be able to change the font but so many more things like the colour and layout options within my page. This will be useful and will also make a great first impression when teachers and other visitors take a glance at your blog!

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