(This is my data visual representation of the most common causes of death per year. This is for my Science Honours 10 class)

Visualization Data Representation (Infographic)

I chose to represent my data in the form of an infographic because I think it is the best way to show a comparison of the same type of data. For example, my data is about which are the most common causes of death, therefore this was a very clear way to show how all of these types made a whole. I think that infographics are very easy to understand most of the time and it even helped me understand the data better. I also chose to draw my infographic because I really like to draw. I think it was a creative way for me to create a physical copy because I didn’t edit it on a computer, and I combined my artistic skills with my science knowledge. My poster is of a skull and overlapped are the different causes of death per year. During my process, I found that the combination of being able to filter statistics and complicated information is important because as a result, you can take out only what is necessary. I decided to do a comparison with numbers because I think that numbers offer a clear understanding of the bigger picture.

Link to data: https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nvsr/nvsr67/nvsr67_05.pdf

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