(In my grade 10 Math Honours class, we chose inquiry topics that interested us and then presented them in front of the class. My inquiry is about the impacts of single-use plastics in our environments and how mathematics can help us determine them. I have also posted a core competencies self-assessment.)

Quick Reflection:

Has your thinking changed about your topic?

Yes, my thinking has changed quite a bit. Before, I knew that single-use plastics gravely impacted our environment, however, I never could have imagined exactly how much. After researching and reading many sources I have come to the conclusion that single-use plastics harm our environment and the organisms living in them, such as humans too. The use of statistics can clearly show us how much and where single-use plastics end up in nature. Whether polluting our streets or changing the animal food chain. Going forward, I would want to research how statistics can change humans’ perspectives of single-plastic use and how much we use.

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