(This is my cell story on the life of a Lipocyte. This is for my Science 9 Honours class and COL 9.)


Hi my name is Lipo, but my real name is Lipocyte. I am a cell that is found in humans as well as animals, and my job is to store fat and produce energy. My whole family of lipocytes and adipocytes create the adipose tissue, which is located right under the skin. Since I am specialised at storing fat, I can be found around several places in the body like internal

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organs, bone marrow, in the muscular system and also in the breast tissue. I like to be around important and valuable parts of the body since I can provide protection with the fat that I store. You might think that fat cells must be large and very big, which is true when compared to other cells, but my size ranges from 30 to about 230 microns. Small Right! I am a lipocyte but I also go by another name called adipocyte. They are both the same cells, it’s just that I was also given another name. To be specific, I am a brown adipocyte. I have a lot of brothers and sisters that are also brown adipocytes, but also a few who are white adipocytes. We are all part of the fat cell family; however, we have different duties to uphold in our host. My job is to produce the energy and sustain it whereas my brothers and sisters (white adipocytes) are the ones that store the fat. We are crucial and necessary to mammals’ survival because we not only provide protection to vulnerable areas, but we can supply energy for the body and its system from 20 to 30 days. Sure I may be judged on my bloated, circular shaped form but I provide many uses to the human body. Since I have a very large vacuole, it pushes all of my organelles to the edge. That is why when you look through a microscope you may see a blob with one ring around it.

I am not a very demanding and difficult cell. All I really need to live is a host, food and a capillary or blood vessel. Blood vessels are one of my main sources in obtaining lipids and other necessities. However, sometimes I get an overflow of fatty foods which I might not need at the moment. When this happens I don’t just throw it away so it isn’t of no use, but in fact I store it for long term use. This helps when you haven’t eaten anything and you need a sudden boost of energy or in any desperate occasion.

Even though Lipocytes are efficient and so very important to humans, many people go through extensive lengths to get rid of Lipocytes because they are unhappy with how they look. Really, that isn’t the right solution because when you take them away you aren’t fixing the real problem which is regulation. It isn’t fair if you take away someone else’s home because you think they aren’t doing their job right.

So far my day has been great and I can’t wait for tomorrow. Another day, another journey!


Making of the story:

The making of my story would not be completed if I had not used a variety of different reliable sources. Some of the search engines I used we Google and Gale Science in Context. These two databases provided different information which I was later able to verify and compare. After comparing I was able to distinguish “good” from “bad” facts and information. Some of the questions I used are: What do these cells do? What are their duties? What do they need in their host to survive? What is their structure?  How do they look like? These are specific examples of the questions I used to gather my information, but in general, I used questions that were simple and a few that were more specific. I needed to find the most information possible with not too many questions, therefore efficiently. I used a new tool on the Gale database called “Topic Finder”. I found it very helpful because when you typed in your cell, it automatically sorted the information into categories which made the process a whole lot easier. The overall process of my research went smooth. I was able to find helpful information about my topic while staying alert to bad facts. I could improve on sorting my information gathered a bit better so it is easier to formulate later on.


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  1. Excellent information shared through your story. Excellent questions guiding research. Good use of digital tools and citing of sources. Your reflection is complete. Fantastic work!

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