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socials core competencies

Socials core competencies

Critical thinking: I used this while we ad to answer all of out textbook questions because I had to read carefully and analyze the questions and information. While that process, I also had many questions that I asked my friends or my teacher I also ad to try and answer my own questions because everything is online which made me investigate more into each topic/ question. I had to develop a good strategy to complete all the questions and how to handle each individual one.


Creative thinking: for my trading cards I had to use my creative thinking to use the information I had and make them into a knowledgeable card. I had to generate ideas in what I wanted to do for it and had to make lots of sketches and rough drafts before the final copy. I had to develop well-working ideas that would fit in with the topic and present it well.

TOKTW 2019

Name: Diana Rap:25_______Class: __chee________

Due: ______November 18_________________

The Assignment:

You will be observing your host throughout the day. There are 3 parts to this assignment:

Part 1- The Interview: Observe your host at work, at some point interview your host and record/make notes of the results
Part 2 – Reflection: After the day is finished, reflect upon your experience and answer the reflection questions Part 3 – Post Your Assignment to Your Blog: Once your have completed Part 1 and Part 2 post it on your blog. Make sure you take pictures and/or videos to document your day, you can place them in your blog.

Name of your host: Maryam Relationship to you: she is my aunt

The Interview: (ask your host these questions)

1. What is your job title? _______frame stylist and optical assistant __________________________________________________
2. What is your job description? someone who finds glasses to fit the customers prescription and one that fits there face shape.________________________________________________________________
3. What are the duties and/or tasks you perform at your job? helping customers find the right glasses for there prescription and to see what glasses fit the shape of there face also adjusting the glasses to fit there face and adjusting and changing nose pads on the glasses check inventory for frames.______________________________________________________________________
4. What qualifications do you have for this job in the following areas:
a) training? _one year training to learn how to adjust the glasses and learn about material about the glasses____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ b) education?__if she was an option she would need at least two years of university but because she is a frame stylist she doesn’t need to go to university or collage . __________________________________________________________
c) experience? ______two years of experience ____________________________________________________
d) skills and attributes (personal qualities)?_____________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________
5. What are some of the things you like about the job? __when a customer is satisfied and happy with my help and me helping them get better vision._______________________________
6. What are some of the things you dislike about this job? __when I cant help a customer because they have a eye condition that we cant help with but professionals can. _____________________________

7. How do you anticipate this job changing in the next 5 years or so? It could change because a lot of things are going online and that more people will go and buy there glasses online even if they don’t know if it fits the face or not._____________________
Other question (s):
Student Reflections:
1. Give three reasons why you would like this job (be specific):
a) Get to work and talk to people ________________________________________________________________
b) get to style glasses on people _____________________________________________________________
c) __get to help pople ______________________________________________________________
2. Give three reasons why you would not like this job (be specific):
a) _this job isn’t very fun or of interest to me so it could be kind of boring _______________________________________________________________
b) _______there lots of organization that goes into this job which I am not very _________________________________________________________
c) _______you always need to be talking to people all the time which could get annoying after awhile _________________________________________________________
3. Is this job for you? Why or why not?
________this job is not for me because I don’t have the patience to talk to people and spend enough time with every customer that is needed __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________
4. Explain the value of the TOKTW experience in relation to your ideas about your post secondary (after high school) plans (education?, training?, travel?, work?).
______the value of this experience is that it gave me an idea in what things I don’t want to do in the future which is good but also gave me an idea in what I would be more interested to do. ____________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________
Blog Post:
Step 1: Go to your Blog
Step 2: Create a new post
– Title: TOKTW 2019
– Category: Portfolio
– Tag: TOKTW2019(Teachers last name in Capitals) e.g. TOKTW2019CHEE
– Add Media: Add a picture or video of your work place
Step 3: Add your assignment to the post by doing one of the following
– Copy and paste the assignment from a word document
– Type in all of the questions and answers
– Upload a PDF
– Any other means to place your work in your post
Step 4: Click Publish



cup ball


Step 1- Empathize: What is the problem we are trying to solve? Who are we trying to help and why?

The problem would be the cups/cones over the points and you are trying to get the points under each individual cup/cone. You are trying to win the game by getting the most points and beating your competitors.


Step 2-Define: What are the specific limitations and barriers that exist to solving this problem?

The limitations are that you are standing at a specific pint and can’t go past it. Also that there are cones over your points so you don’t know how many points is under your cup/cone that you aim for.


Step 3 –   Ideate: Apply knowledge to a solution. Time to brainstorm. Use the model below.

What to use I am going to use plastic cups and a roller hockey ball because that is what I have around my house because for this game you need cups and a ball and a friend to play with you. There only one way to play this game. You will need yourself and another person because yyou have to be against someone and if you don’t want to play with the people in your house hold you can face time a friend and they also set up the game in there house and then you guys van play. You will need a big enough space for you to stand about a meter or so away from the cups you are trying ti hit for example I used my living room and it worked perfectly a hallway would also work very well. The game is a target game because you are aiming at the cups which is your target.


Step four create a Prototype: Complete this outline fully Riverside Game Design

Name of the Game

Objective –What is the Purpose |Goal of the Game

The purpose of the game is getting as many points as you can from hitting the cups

Description –Describe Your Game and What it Should Look Like

You should be standing at a certain spot then have about six cups is v shape about a meter away from you or farther and the cups should have about five centimeters of space between them so its harder and if you want more of a challenge make it farther.

Rules of the Game–Describe the Rules

The rules are very simple you can’t pass your line/ the spot you chose to stand your certain spot and that you must be honest with how many points you got.

Strategies | Tactics

A strategy I would use would be instead of rolling the ball very aggressively I would be gentle so that is goes where I want it to.

Progressions–Can it Evolve

It can evolve/ make it more difficult by standing farther away from the cups. Putting more space between the cups themselves or make the point less so it is harder to win and takes longer.

Equipment–List What is Needed

You need a ball I would say at least the size of a tennis ball and if you don’t have that smaller is okay, but bugger would make it to easy. You will also need at least six cups because that makes it even and the last thing you need is someone that will play against you either over facetime or in person.

Safety Considerations–Safety First

The only safety consideration I have is don’t throw the ball at each other or to hard that it could break something.


Part 3: reflection

What I did in this project/ my role was mainly to come up with ideas and come up with the rules and make the game basically and help anyone who needs help with there tasks. The things that went well in this project was the game itself I thought it was fun and exciting to play with someone especially if you are competitive like me and my family. Something I wish we did better in would have to be communication because it was very difficult. What I have learned through this progress is that communication really helps to get things done an make everything much easier.

whirligig project

bumper stickers:

  1. Brent wanted to take his own life because he wanted to be popular and date Brianna. The quote says, “death is a permanent solution for a temporary problem”. Because high school is temporary, and popularity is temporary it wont last for long but if he dies he will never come back and it will be permeant. It isn’t worth it.
  2. The quote says, “accidents are not accidents but precise arrivals at the wrong right time”. Brent had to go through something in his life that would teach him that being popular and fitting in isn’t everything in life. Also, that standing out from others is a good thing. He had to have a learning experience in his life and this was it.
  3. The quote says “its your road and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but NO one can walk it for you.” This is relevant because he had to go on this road to learn about himself and to redeem himself not just for him but for leahs mother and that he must travel by himself and learn on his own even though he makes allies along the way the journey is his to take.



  1. getting any respect at Montfort was going to be like climbing a glass mountain pg.

this was a metaphor in the story. Brent felt like he would never get respect or fit in at Montfort his new school and he felt like it was “like climbing a glass mountain” which would be very difficult because it would be slippery and its glass. He felt as if he would never fit in there and that none of the kids there like him. I feel like the author used this because they wanted you to realise how difficult it is for him there by using that reference.

  1. the voice flowed through his veins like morphine.

This is a metaphor because he didn’t actually take any drugs, he is just out of it and can’t process things properly in that moment. He was driving and he heard voices in his head telling him things that either weren’t true but he listened it was making him feel like there were drugs in his body because of the voices.

  1. A teacher lives forever through his students.” Page 70

This is a metaphor. I think the author put this in the story because he met a allies and he was teaching him how his teacher thought him. Just like the quote said a teacher lives forever through his students his friend was the student who turned into a teacher for Brent and taught him his ways and Brent turned into the student but soon he will become a teacher and his friend will live through him and his teacher forever.

  1. “I’m Korean. I can do anything if I apply myself.” Page 78

This would be symbolism because they are stereotyping him because they are saying because he is Korean he can do anything when he applies himself but it isn’t just because he Korean its because he puts the effort forward and applies himself that is why he can do anything. I think the author put that in the story because he was adopted into a family that wasn’t Korean and his mother had expectations just because he was from Korean decent.




  1. Brent felt he had a glimpse of Olympus

This is a biblical allusion because Olympus is a god he had felt like he saw a glimpse of him because when he was at the party he saw a room full of juniors or the people in his school/ classmates. They were almost like gods in Olympus for him because he wanted to fit in so bad.

  1. This morning they played some Corelli on the radio composed 1681 don’t you find it amazing that were still listening to it whole centuries later pg. 122 this is a historical allusion because it was back from 1681 Corelli was a musician and even years later they still listen and enjoy his music which shows that even years later people will still see your work not just art but any hard work you put in.
  2. He spoke the word Deneb in his mind and felt himself to be Adam. Naming the world around him pg. 63 this is a biblical allusion because Adam was a part of the bible and when he said that he looked out the window to the beautiful sky then he read on. He saw so many stunning sights on his journey, this is related to the theme because its like unseen forces because he can’t see it but he reads about it which makes them real and makes them powerful.

community connections

I interviewed one of my dance teachers her name is Jessica Macmillan her role is to teach us to dance, she is responsible for teaching us choreography and making sure we understand are dance and what is going on. I chose to interview her because I love her way of teaching and I would love to consider her job when I am older. I love and respect all her hard work. The things I have learned from this assignment how much work and dedication that is put into her job and the art she creates for us to perform which makes me want to pursue my passion much more which is teaching dance to kids and having that a part of my life.


1.what obstacles have you faced to get where you are today, have had to overcome tons of obstacles to get where I am today. My fear of public speaking was certainly a big one that I had to work on almost immediately

  1. .2.what advice would you pass on to someone interested in what you are doing, Don’t give up on your dreams. If you want to become a dance teacher you need to commit to your passion and just go for it. Dancing and teaching can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.3.would you be open yo further contact from Riverside students and if so, how can someone contact you, Yes, via email-
  2. 4.what’s your favorite part of your job when you get to witness that “ah-hah “ moment. When kids learn a new fun step and that sense of accomplishment takes over.
  3. 5., what’s the hardest part about your job, Dealing with different personalities can be tricky at times, and also we work for 5-8 hours straight, usually with no break. It can be very draining.
  4. 6.why are you passionate about your job,I love helping others and working with kids. It is incredibly rewarding watching someone grow in dance and as a person!

I interviewed one of my dance teachers her name is Jessica Macmillan her role is to teach us to dance, she is responsible for teaching us choreography and making sure we understand are dance and what is going on. I chose to interview her because I love her way of teaching and I would love to consider her job when I am older. I love and respect all her hard work. The things I have learned from this assignment how much work and dedication that is put into her job and the art she creates for us to perform which makes me want to pursue my passion much more which is teaching dance to kids and having that a part of my life.







kindness starts with you

Image result for kindnessFor the most part, a change in attitude is brought about by small actions. This means that if your attitude changes your perspective can change as well and then you can think differently about things. Those small things can happen with just how you think and your point of view on things. Also, with the right attitude change can happen they can be minor or big. Both the theme and quote talk about making changes that can be made by ordinary people and how the way people think in the world is different and that when they believe themselves and not listen to what others say that’s when changes can happen. Also, how people can make changes by being bold and brave. doing things that are different and you don’t need to be anybody special just does what you believe in. A normal person can make a change that leaves a dent that doesn’t matter who you are. Don’t need to be famous or have money to make a difference in the world. Just by showing kindness and hope you can make a change. The quote even says the small everyday deeds of ordinary that keep the darkness at bay. Sometimes by doing something, nice things can make people more positive in life and you can do that easily by doing these things like. You can smile at someone who looks sad to make there day a little better or to put a smile on there face. If you see someone who looks lonely go sit next to them in class and talk to them and make them feel included this can affect someone a lot by making them feel welcome. sometimes people just want to talk, and that there is someone that cares and is willing to be there friend. even by doing something as little as complimenting someone is nice because maybe they aren’t that confident that day or someone said something negative earlier to them, but by complimenting them they will feel better about themselves and it could make there day a whole lot better.

Chasing the Night

Chasing the Night

It was a crisp steady night with no one in sight just me and my close friends on new year night. It all started when we met up at Lindsey’s house, she is my best friend of nine years. when we all got there, we started to set up for our new year’s festivities. we started this crazy night by entertaining each other by running outside in the murky night trying not to trip and fall over our own two feet. Each one of us had been phones out recording the downfall of each other as we dropped one by one tumbling to the prickly grass. the amusement of me being the first one stumbling down to the ground not being able to see in front of me because it is so dark. I try to stand up and grabbed the closest person to me which was Lindsey. quickly grabbing on to her, she tries to break free, but it doesn’t work. with me still holding on she immediately starts to sprint away as we both start tumbling down to the floor laughing until we were out of breath gasping for air in little short breaths. we are now crying from laughter as the tears fall from are blush rosy cheeks. I immediately get up running away from her. I have her quick on my trail running after me like the speed of light. we run and run until she trips over a harsh edge. we start laughing again panting because of how long she was chasing me. One of my friends quickly snaps a photo from her phone of us laughing and chasing each other in a quick blur. then We went back inside for the countdown. A little later we started counting, five, four, three, two, one then all scream on the top of our lungs HAPPY NEW YEAR. as the streamers went off confetti in the air, all in a muddy blur of colors and ear wrenching screams. all of us wrapped up in one big group hug we all started jumping and chanting twenty twenty-twenty. In a big circle, We all ran outside in a big hurry jumping around while Lindsey ran up to get her mom to take pictures of us, we all had sparklers in are hands while it twinkled up the night as we all burst out laughing at the silliest things. her mom quickly takes the photos of us as we all giggle before we knew it the sparklers went out and we were left in the darkness of the night. With no light in sight, we heard a rustle in the bushes we all cautiously turn one by one. Of course, Lindsey had to crack a joke we all started instantly laughing saying it was the bogeyman coming to get us. Right after with the light of our phones we see a little squirrel run out of the bush making all that noise. we all started are way inside stumbling because of how exhausted we were. we go downstairs to her basement watched some tv for what we thought was only a few hours but we looked over to a clock and saw that it is five-thirty in the morning most of our friends are fast asleep on the couch still facing the tv as it was only me and my closest friend Lindsey still sitting there wondering what to do. we decided to wake up are friends by yelling moo at each other wondering if they will hear us in their deep slumber.

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