Math 10 Week 8

This week we finished our trigonometry unit and began polynomials. Although most of what we did was review from last year, I was still able to learn how to solve binomial equations algebraically. Before I would draw pictures or use the window method, which worked fine but I feel as though I can answer equations […]

Math 10 Week 7

This week we began our new unit of trigonometry. At first, I thought it would be difficult because this would be our first time seeing it. However, with a few practice questions and being able to remember the term SOH CAH TOA, I was able to figure everything out quite easily. As long as you […]

Math 10 Week 6

Although this week was mostly review for a measurement unit test, I was still able to learn something. This week I learned how to find the surface area and volume of a sphere. Did you know that 2 cones are the same as 1 sphere? Or that 1 cone is the same as a hemisphere? […]

Math 10 Week 5

his week we began our new unit, measurements. For some reason, I struggled a lot trying to understand what was being taught. But I learned a lot from the mistakes I made this week. One thing I learned that was interesting was how to find the surface area and volume of a cone. Although pyramids […]

Math 10 Week 4

This week we had our unit test for exponents. Although we didn’t really get taught anything new, I did learn/realize something. For a question that has a negative fractional 4exponent, I was often confused which law to start with. Some people started with the negative law and others with the fractional law. For some reason, […]

Math 10 Week 3

This week we started our new unit, exponents. Although exponents have never been my favourite math unit, I am not minding them as much this year. This week I learned the term “Flower Power” and how to use it. It is a simple term to help us remember what to do when we see a […]

Math 10 Week 2

This week I learned how to convert an entire radical into a mixed radical and vise-Versa. Although I did have to practice it a few times, I can now understand what to do. So to find the mixed radical of an entire radical we first must find the factors. The factors of 24 are 1, […]

Math 10 Week 1

This week we studied numbers. Although most was review, I did learn how to estimate the cubed root of a number. It was confusing at first but after a few practice questions, I was able to grasp the concept of it. I used  as my starting point to try and find the cubed root. To […]