Week 10 – Midterm Review (Quadratics)

This week we finished our graphing quadratic functions unit and began studying for our midterm. Although we did not learn anything new, I did have to review certain sections of previous units. What I had to (almost) relearn / really think about was unit 3 chapter 5, when one must find the value of a […]

Week 7 – Discriminant

In week 7 we finished our polynomials unit with a test, but I still managed to learn something new. Although we only learned one new chapter of the unit, we learned about discriminants. I learned what the discriminant formula was and that it can help find the nature of the root.

Week 5 – Factoring Polynomials

This week we finished our radical unit and began our polynomials unit. Although we only had two days of lessons, I learned a new trick when solving polynomial expression. It involves substituting parts of the trinomial with variables. When first looking at our polynomial expression, we will notice that it is somewhat of an ugly […]

Week 4 – Dividing Radicals *UPDATED*

This week we continued our absolute value and radical unit. Although we learned quite a bit of new material, but the lesson that stood out the most for me was dividing radicals. Specifically, when having to rationalize a binomial denominator (aka denominator is in has two root signs). * When multiplying the opposite denominators, this […]

Week 3 – Radicals *UPDATED*

This week in math we completed our sequence and series unit with a test and started our second unit. Although I we only began learning the unit over two days, I was still able to learn something. I learned how to simplify radicals that have variables in them. *The restrictions to this square root is […]

Week 2 – Geometric Sequences

This week we began to learn about geometric sequences and series. Although in the beginning I often did not understand the questions, I learned the different formulas that made the questions much easier to answer by simply dropping in the numbers in the correct spots. The formula that I learned and continue to practice is […]