Blog Log #2 – Wanderlust There are 7 continents in our world, that’s 195 countries, all of which offer something to explore. This article and topic of travel caught my interest as I connect with what the other is saying, despite not even being in my 20s yet. I had the urge and passion to explore the world around […]

Blog Log #1: Social Scoring – Humanity’s Downfall Social media has had a huge impact on us as it seems we almost live our lives to gain the approval of those that follow our accounts. This article and overall topic immediately interested me not only because I am a teenager growing up in a world of ever-improving technology and constant social media […]

Week 18 – Top 5 things

Over the course of this semester, I have come to learn a lot. I learned that math isn’t always just numbers and finding an answer, sometimes it’s looking deeper at the question and finding solutions to certain areas, not necessarily the end. I (re) learned that mnemonics are so helpful in math and different ones […]

Week 17 – Sine Law

This week we started and basically finished our trigonometry unit which is our last unit of the year. Although the first couple days were review, the last couple days I learned a bit. I learned about two laws, sine and cosine. The one that stood out to me the most was the sine law.

Week 15 – Adding Rational Expressions

This week we continued our rational expression with adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing the expressions. I found multiplying and dividing much easier than adding and subtracting. However, once I practiced it a bit, I learned that it was quite straight forward and that I could use things I learned from previous units (ex. factoring) to […]

Week 13- Reciprocal Functions

This week we continued our Absolute Value and Reciprocal Functions unit. Although some of the material we had to use was from previous units, a lot of what we learned was still new. The one thing that stuck with me with was the graphing reciprocal linear functions chapter. The first step is to draw our […]

Week 11 – Solving Quadratic Inequalities

This week we took our midterm and started our fifth unit which is about solving and graphing inequalities. I learned a lot of new information this week, but I think what stood out for me was solving quadratic inequalities using a sign chart. I found it interesting because we will need to be able to […]