Blog Log #1: “Black Mirror’s Nosedive Episode Will Become A Reality In China By 2020

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Social media has had a huge impact on us as it seems we almost live our lives to gain the approval of those that follow our accounts. This article and overall topic immediately interested me not only because I am a teenager growing up in a world of ever-improving technology and constant social media updates, but because I had just finished the episode of Black Mirror in which this topic was discussed. I found it interesting imagining a world in which a rating system was used to determine the lifestyle one would live, and I found it quite horrifying to imagine a country halfway around the world using a ranking system for their people. I enjoyed the author’s writing style as she was capable of integrating humor, for example, her comment of “those with low scores are killed – nah, just kidding, they’re not killed….” I also enjoyed the insightful and descriptive rating system described by the author, proved through “Those with high scores can expect such treats as VIP treatment at airports, waived deposits when hiring a car or booking hotels and even ‘fast-tracks’ to top university and better jobs.” Although I cannot connect this to aspects of my own life, it is almost identical to the episode of Black Mirror, Nosedive. The show and this system being implemented in China reveal the human condition in which humans are in need of constant approval from others. Not only could this cause many issues surrounding mental health, but it also limits people as to how they can live their lives and/or their families. After watching the episode of Black Mirror, I had hoped such a thing would never happen as I viewed it as much too dangerous, however, now realizing that it will be used, I can only hope that it does not last long otherwise there may be some unfortunate long-lasting effects.

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