Week 13- Reciprocal Functions

This week we continued our Absolute Value and Reciprocal Functions unit. Although some of the material we had to use was from previous units, a lot of what we learned was still new. The one thing that stuck with me with was the graphing reciprocal linear functions chapter.

  1. The first step is to draw our parent linear function which was 2x+4. We start at 4 on the y axis because that is our why intercept. Next, we can go up 2 over 1, because 2x is our slope.
  2. Next now the invariant points will be (x, 1) and (x, -1). So, we start on the y axis at 1 and slide our finger along until the line crosses 1, that will be our first invariant point. We do the same thing on the y axis at -1.
  3. The vertical line in between the two invariant points will be the asymptote. In this example, the vertical asymptote will be -2. The horizontal asymptote will always be 0. So, our two asymptotes are -2 and 0.
  4. Next, we can finish the reciprocal function. We know that on the vertical line that the bigger the number means that the line will be closer to 0. On the horizontal line, bigger the number means it will be closer to 0.

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