Math 10 Week 15

This week we worked continued our linear relation and began a new chapter. We learned many things about slopes and graphs. But this week I learned how to find the slope of line segments. Last year for one year or another I struggled with slope, I could never figure out if a line segment had a positive or negative slope. This week I learned a couple ways to figure out and remember the slope.

I found that slope guy was a good tool to help me understand.

To find the slope of this line we must know our coordinates. Our coordinates are (6,9) and (3,2) meaning that the 6 and 3 are our x’s and 9 and 2 are our y’s. Next, we use our equation of y1 – y2 divided by x1 – x2. We can then punch our numbers into these sections so our equation should look like 9-2 divided by 6-3. We can then solve this to give us a fraction of \frac{7}{3} , because it won’t work out to a perfect number we can leave this as it is instead of putting it into a decimal.

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