Math 10 Week 14

This week we completed our unit and did our unit test. The unit was quite interesting to me in more than one way. I had to work to understand the word questions and how to answer them, it wasn’t just a simple equation like previous units. This week I learned how to match a word question to the corresponding graph. Although my group and I had some troubles with the practice question initially, I believe that after a few more practice questions I began to understand it better.

Example of what the graph may look like

To be able to figure out what graph to use, we must look closely at some of the words. Important words to include walking, steadily, 30 minutes, stayed few hours, walked, steadily, 30 minutes, stayed, hour, sprinted. All of these words have an important meaning in the story and the graph. Steady means that the graph line will be slanted whereas if someone is sprinting or going really fast, the line will be straighter. So, the graph will begin by going diagonally up, then flat for a little, the diagonally up again, flatter for a bit longer this time, and finally, a steeper line back down.

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