Math 10 Week 13 *UPDATED*

This week we continued our functions and relations unit. Although this is not my favourite unit and I am having to work to understand the concepts, I managed to learn something. One class that stood out to me this week is when we learned how to do function notations. I find it interesting as it is almost like a puzzle where you have to find the missing piece.

To complete this function, we must first look at the information given to us. We know that x is 6 and that it is equal to 12x – 29. Next, we can replace any x’s with a 6. So, our equation will look more like 12(6) -29. Now, we can algebraically answer this by multiplying 12 x 6 and then subtracting 29 to give us 43. To go above and beyond, it is probably a good idea to put these numbers into coordinates to put onto a graph. The coordinates would look like this (6,43)


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