Math 10 Week 12

This week we began our new unit of linear relations and completed our midterm. Although I was quite busy studying for the midterm, I was still able to learn something new. This week we learned a new way to show a relation. The five ways are with a t-chart, ordered pairs, a graph, and equation, and a mapping diagram. However, I learned how to write an equation using the information from a t-chart.

To be able to find the equation using the t-chart, we must look at the input and output numbers. To be able to determine the numbers to add we must do a few tests. Multiply the 1 by any (reasonable) number to start it off, then add or subtract the difference to what the Y is supposed to be. For example, 1(3) – 4 = -1, as we can see this is not the right number. So, we continue to try until we come across the correct one. The correct answer is 2x + 2, so we can replace the x with our independent variables to test for our dependent variable.

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