Math 10 Week 10 *UPDATED*

This week in math we continued our polynomial/factoring polynomial unit. Although we only had 3 days of math I was able to learn how to answer “simple polynomials.” I can now expand and simplify the polynomials quite quickly, and the more I practice the better I will get at it. Before I could do it at a reasonable speed but now it takes me no time at all.

As you can clearly see the second way is less work and can be done faster. The main thing you need to notice is if there are conjugates. Conjugates are is a binomial form that have an both a negative and positive, for example one has a positive and the other a negative. Knowing that there are two of these will make it easier as it will automatically cancel out. And then of course the x’s or whatever another variable there is can be multiplied to get x^2 After that you can just multiply your conjugates together to get the constant term It’s that easy! To recap multiply the x’s together, check for conjugates (hopefully there is as it will make your life easier), and finally multiply those conjugates/constants together to get your final constant term.

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