Math 10 Week 9

This week I learned how to do binomial multiplication using the window method. I had heard of the window method before, and had used but using it for polynomials was new for me. It is similar to the normal window but you have to be aware of the variables.

To create the window, we must know our binomial equation. In this case, it is (9x + 33) (12x + 7). Next, we can draw our window out, there are four numbers which means there will be four boxes. Each of those numbers will go on one side of the box. Now this is the simpler part, you multiply each number that is attached to the box. So, 9x times 12x = 108x^2, 12x times 33 = 396x, 9x times 7 = 63x, and 7 times 33 = 231.Now we can add up all of those products to give us a total of 108x^2 + 459x + 231.

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