Math 10 Week 8

This week we finished our trigonometry unit and began polynomials. Although most of what we did was review from last year, I was still able to learn how to solve binomial equations algebraically. Before I would draw pictures or use the window method, which worked fine but I feel as though I can answer equations quicker algebraically.

To be able to answer this binomial equation algebraically we must multiply the first set of numbers by the second. First, we must multiply 32x by 12 to give us 384x. Next, we may multiply the 32x by the following number, 8x which gives us 256. A x times a x is going to be  Next, we can multiply the second number which is -4 by 12 which will give us -48. And finally, we can multiply -4 by 8x to give us -32x. Now we can group like terms together (same variable and exponent). The only like terms are 384x and -32x so when we put them together we get a few zero pairs. Our final answer will be after the removal of like terms.

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