Math 10 Week 11

This week we finished off our polynomials/factoring unit. Although I did miss a day, I was still able to learn a thing or two that helped me. I learned how to factor polynomials that didn’t have a coefficient of 1. I found the coefficient of 1 polynomials easier than those of a higher leading number, […]

Math 10 Week 10 *UPDATED*

This week in math we continued our polynomial/factoring polynomial unit. Although we only had 3 days of math I was able to learn how to answer “simple polynomials.” I can now expand and simplify the polynomials quite quickly, and the more I practice the better I will get at it. Before I could do it […]

Math 10 Week 9

This week I learned how to do binomial multiplication using the window method. I had heard of the window method before, and had used but using it for polynomials was new for me. It is similar to the normal window but you have to be aware of the variables. To create the window, we must […]

Math 10 Week 8

This week we finished our trigonometry unit and began polynomials. Although most of what we did was review from last year, I was still able to learn how to solve binomial equations algebraically. Before I would draw pictures or use the window method, which worked fine but I feel as though I can answer equations […]

Math 10 Week 7

This week we began our new unit of trigonometry. At first, I thought it would be difficult because this would be our first time seeing it. However, with a few practice questions and being able to remember the term SOH CAH TOA, I was able to figure everything out quite easily. As long as you […]