5 thoughts on “Everything I know about exponents

  1. I think covered the big ideas of grade 9 exponent rules. She seems to think that she has to give the “answer” to 7^6 though. I am not quite sure she sees that a power is a number. Looking at powers on a number line might be useful as well, it helps with rational exponents.

  2. Great job! I like how you put a ton of detail into it and made sure you explained everything as well as you could. It’s great that you put so much detail, but at times it became too confusing and it could have been simpler and easier to understand. You put a ton of detail into it, added pictures to make it easier to understand and you did a great job.

  3. Wow! Great job on the assignment, it is quite obvious that you have put lots of blood, sweat, and tears into this assignment, everything is well explained and detailed enough so that anyone, from a beginner to a master can understand how to do exponents. I also think that the pictures that you used do actually help out with the understanding, and even though some of them are jokes, like the raptor one, I think it is really interesting that you also put the picture sources there as well! As far as I know there are no mistakes in your assignment, everything is well written! You did a really great job on the assignment, I just wish that I knew how you managed to get exponents like that in the document…

  4. Hi Devon,
    Good job, your post demonstrates a very good understanding of exponents. I liked that you often used more than 1 example for each point.
    Here are a few suggestions to make your post even better:
    -Often you used the word “equation” when what you were referring to was not an equation. You can come and see me to get clarification about replace it with the words “power” or “expression” or “question”
    -In 2) I would leave out your explanation of the exception as it gets covered in 6)
    -Come and talk to me about your explanation for 6)

  5. Great job! I like how you explained everything in a ton of detail so that it’s very easy for the reader to understand and learn from. Also your examples made it a lot more helpful. In all I think your assignment was really interesting and well written.

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