Schooled-theme paragraph



In Schooled, Capricorn Anderson has to leave his home community of Garland, a small hippie community & move into the home of his social worker and attend Clavearage Middle school after his grandmother, Rain falls from a plum tree. Now Cap must move out of the 60’s and into the 21st century to survive the current change of pace. In this novel about adapting to surroundings, Cap proves to readers that being yourself gains respect. When Zac powers & his clique of popular kids bully Cap for being a hippie, Cap finds inner peace & embraces the fact that he’s different. When people realize that nothing can make him frustrated most kids show respect by wearing the dye to salute Cap’s individually & hippie lifestyle. This novel also shows everyone accepts the situation but has a different point of view.


How does Cap survive the ridicule?


Since Cap is hippie, hippies mostly have peace & love for the majority of every living thing on earth. Also hippies sometimes adapt a organic, free from control lifestyle so they are used to being judged & the center of negative comments, so when Cap is ridiculed & bullied at school he simply continues to be himself & taking control of his inner peace.


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