End of week reflection- Socials

End of week reflection:

This week I learned a lot of new information about events that have happened in the previous years. I learned a lot about petitions, lobbying, civil disobedience matters and the events that happened around them as well as how that relates to our everyday lives and how we can make a difference other than just voting every 4 years. I also made sure to take notes on everything so I could look back on old units if I needed to and use them to enhance my learning with new topics. Another thing I learned about this week was political ideologies and was able to decipher the one I most agree and disagree with, being liberalism and fascism, as well as the reasons for each. If I were to change anything about this week it would just be getting started with more assignments or projects rather than just learning about certain topics and discussing them in class. Also some debates would be pretty great too. Over all this was a good week and I’ve already learned quite a bit of new material.