Blog Log #3

Is making useless items more important than it seems?

Is making useless items worth more than it seems to be? When I first saw this Ted Talk I thought it was an interesting and unique topic. One of my favourite things about it is that this Ted Talk seems a lot less important than it really is. Though it seems like the speaker, Simone Giertz, is just making useless robots for fun, there’s another reason behind it. I like that the speaker uses description and humor to reveal past troubles she’s faced and how she got through it by making these robots and machines. She explains how she got over the fear of failing by making devices meant to fail in the first place, helping with her performance anxiety. The speaker thinks of creative ways to deal with everyday problems all kinds of people face and passes her knowledge onto the viewers. This Ted Talk relates to my everyday life quite a bit, as the problems the speaker points out are very common troubles my friends and I face daily, such as: worrying about your grades, feeling stupid, having to talk in front of large groups of people, etc. The speaker has created this new way of getting through difficult obstacles in life that she would otherwise struggle with and encourages the audience to see that we don’t always know exactly what to do, but that’s okay. We should all just take a little bit of time to think of a creative way to take some pressure off ourselves and allow ourselves to be more enthusiastic in general. Doing that will not only make us more successful, but also allow us to be creative and give us the opportunity to be more relaxed when having to face difficult situations.

Ted Talk I watched:

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