Triangulation Lab

Today’s Lab went wrong because everybody had different speeds for the waves so when all the groups came together for the lab the results were inconsistent.
One Seismometer isn’t enough having one only tells you the distance to the epicenter not the direction it’s coming from. We need more then one to triangulate were the epicenter of the earthquake is.
It is important to find the epicenter of an earthquake so we can identify the fault that caused the earthquake.
We can use this data to find out where the emergency response crew needs to go to. The area around the epicenter will hit the hardest by an earthquake.

Indonesia Earthquake

What was the physical process caused the destruction event that struck Indonesia?
A 7.5 Magnitude Earthquake that happen off the coast of Sulawesi. The Earthquake also caused a tsunami that hit the city of Palu.

What were the impacts on the Sociophere?
People began to raid shops for supplies. Police had to start guarding shops. Relief Convoys started to enter the city and had to be escorted by the military and police.

Distinguishing Facts vs. Opinions

AS you read, underline the facts in the article and circle the opinion statements.

What facts did you identify?
“E-cigarettes as a safer alternative to tobacco”
“The government spent 6 million dollars a year to try to develop safer tobacco products”
“The blight of 6 million tobacco deaths every year”

What opinions did you identify?
“There is no such thing as a safer cigarette”
“E-cigarettes may be better at helping to sustain smoking cessation than pharmaceutical
“There is no such thing as a safer cigarette”

Which ones were tricky?
“No one believes nicotine addiction is a good thing”
“Battery-powered cigarettes look-alikes that heat liquid nicotine emits harmless vapor”
“Some e-cigarette manufactures have no links to the tobacco industry”

What does the ratio of fact to opinion in this article tell you?
The ratio of fact and opinion tells me this article is debating the use of e-cigarettes. The article uses more facts then opinions but leaves a lot of grey areas.

May lab reflection

I choose to reflect on this lab because it was the only one I could find a photo of. I didn’t particularly enjoy this but I didn’t dislike it, I felt like this was a pretty boring lab. I thought my group work well everybody seems to share the work equally. I would’ve like to add more flavour to the tomato sauce.

March/April Lab reflection

I chose this lab because I didn’t enjoy doing it but I did well on it. I didn’t enjoy this lab because it isn’t a food I wouldn’t typical eat nor did I like the salad rolls. My product did turn out how I wanted it to, soaking the rice paper properly really help with rolling up the roll. My group work well, everybody knew what to do. If I were to do this lab again, I would have like to do the deep fried version of salad rolls.

Jr. Chicken

McDonalds Jr. Chicken.


Jr. Chicken, a perfect ratio of crispy chicken, crunchy lettuce on a glorious soft bun, and the godly McChicken sauce. I really like this because when I go get one it’s quick and simple, the sand which has a nice little bit of spice I really enjoy, and I love the sauce on it.The two reason this option is unhealthy is the deep fried chicken, when it’s deep fried it gets saturated with oil. The second reason it’s unhealthy is the mayonnaise based sauce which is high in fat.