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When will we find other life forms and when

The S.E.T.I predicts that NASA will discover other life forms by 2030, but we wont have hard evidence sent out into the public by 2040. We will have to find a planet that is almost a exact replica of ours. We have found a couple of possible “test subjects” if you will call it. One is called Kepler-438b, and the other is, Kepler-442b. these two planets are a bit larger than our world. These planets are about three sizes bigger than our planet. they are the perfect distance away from the sun that they could sustain water and it wouldn’t freeze. This would be a long journey for man because the closest one (Kepler-438) is 472.9 light years away, but if a telescope is able to spot it from earth that in the next 10 to 15 years at the perfect time we would probably be able to get a good look at the planet, take a picture and analyze it. One of the head staff members at NASA said that “it is evident that there is other life forms, it is just when do we find it?” This is probably impossible for life forms to live on, but one of Jupiter’s moons (Europa) has been believed to have a world ocean underneath it’s thick icy exterior. It is evident that we will find them one day, but i am so caught up on the fact that it could be tomorrow or it can be in one hundred years we just can’t put a pin on it.








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