Alabaster Graveyard

What is winter?
Winter sneaks into my soul, and settles down, biding time to freeze me from fingertip to my heart, shifting red warmth for a purple chill.
It is the flowers that weep down and turn to soil which it’s children use to rise like Phoenixes once spring melts the white.
It is the hibernation of life, settling into a deep and peaceful slumber.
It is the white epitaphs that spreads its oppressive freeze over a landscape of icy corpses, its December breath claiming the surviving few.

Blog Log 4

The Origami Lab

This article is a really interesting delve into how it just takes the right person with the right set of interests to change what is seen as a childish past-time into a serious scientific and technological solutions to jobs.

The passion the article has about writing about this origami creator, Robert J. Lang, and his past-time of choice is truly enrapturing in a way only someone with a deep connection and enthusiasm for a subject can. As a person who loves both explaining and having stuff be explained to them by someone who’s truly and outwardly passionate about a subject, this article just hot all the right spots for me, and even kinda inspires me to maybe try some origami of my own too.

Also, going back on how he intertwined his interest with science is an interesting look into how an art form can translate itself into science, and how it might be of worth to pull inspiration from outside of your current field to gather ideas and answer problems in a way you might not have thought of before.

Blog Log 3

A Nation Of Echo Chambers: How The Internet Closed Off The World

This message, especially today, is very important, which is why I chose it. This was always an issue I that I started to catch onto during the US’ elections, which made this article a no-brainer to me.

First of all, this subject is intensely interesting, as it gives us a glimpse into our own mentalities. It’s facsinating how we seek out those who think similarly, and shun or completely disregard what others think if they have a different opinion from out own. It really makes me want to curb this idea, and search out more and more people who have an opposing ideal to my own.

Another thing I need to mention is I loved how casual, and especially near the end, satirical this article was. The writing styled seemed almost like talking to a friend about a subject they were very opinionated of. Also, the way how the article grew in satire, and just kept going and going until it reached a fever pitch was pretty nice as well. A really well done article.


Blog Log 2 – The Nature and History Behind Certain Words

Read this article first: []

Oof, this article is a doozy. A monster in length, it very descriptively goes into the history of swear words, what they mean in modern culture, and how they effect listeners/readers. It’s an intensely interesting and well-written article, and brings up many questions on the nature of language itself. Though speaking only on swear words, it inadvertently gives the readers a glimpse on how language evolves over time, and how language changes and is used reflects more and more of the culture of the time. It also gives the question of if certain words could become taboo if our cultures shifts. Perhaps in a literally xenophobic (as in, scared of aliens) culture, any speak of other intelligent life that isn’t human or humanoid in nature could be put new swear words. The article really makes you think and with how meticulous it is, it really makes the reader think about connections to the past and future.

Blog Log 1 – The Value of Going to University

Read this article first: []

This article really appealed to me for the reason that I’m unsure of whether or not to go to university. Anyone who wants to go into certain jobs really should think wether or not it’s best to there. Art is a good example, as mostly, you’re going to be evaluated on wether or not your skills are good enough; even in other fields, many ask of you to have job experience in that field, making entering the market very difficult. The article also does a great job of explaining how the rising prices in universities may cause a crisis for them in the future, but I can’t explain it much better than they did already. Other than that, it’s well written, thought provoking, and while long, still interesting to read.

Vinegaroon Logo

I didn’t really have any particular inspiration for this, I just thought that they’re really cool looking arthropods that not many people know of. Also it’s perfect for a store that sells vinegar to be based on an animal that creates an chemical spray similar to vinegar. Forgot how I made the leap from vinegar to spices and sauces, though.

Again, I just think that these are really cool creatures that few people know of so I made a logo.

The Snake Islands

This is the Island Snake

My main inspiration for this was an old dragon book I got back in elementary, specifically the artist’s rendition of “Orochi,” a seven (or was it eight?) headed dragon from Japanese mythology. The way the portrayed the creature was a large snake with trees and small mountains growing on it’s back. I also based it off of the multiple myths of “World Turtles” throughout multiple different religions.

I made this mainly for the fact that it’d be cool seeing a bunch of mountains and trees undulating back and forth in a sine wave. Not entirely proud of how it came out, though.

What I learned from Ms. brill is the disproportionate amount of status is taken away from people the older they get. Almost as if the longer you’ve lived, the less valuable you are to society. It seems that you’re most important when you’re in your early twenties to late twenties, then you become obscure again, if you haven’t picked up any notoriety.

20% Project, Retrospective

During this project, I intended to learn music. I was somewhat effective in doing so.

i did learn most of the basics, theory and melody, I do need to look back on them, but I’m getting pretty good at it, especially compared to the beginning.

I’ve learned enough throug this project that I’m more than likely going to continue presuing music, and maybe post some of it to the internet.

Things I would improve:

Frequency of posts. I didn’t do a whole lot of them, I’m not the best at maintaining a blog, so I wasn’t really very frequent or on a schedule.

Finding a music program near the beginning. Most of my time was taken finding different music programs and testing them out. I think if I’d try to find the program first, it would’I’ve gone much more smoothly.

Things I did well:

Reseach. I did A LOT of research. In fact, most of the first half of my project was doing mainly research. I do wish I did it more quickly, but I did enough that it doesn’t matter too much that it was a little slower.

Overall, I made good progress. It was slow, but it was still good. I just wish I could’ve found a music program quicker, so I could make music for longer.


Learn some apathy.



(Use this, it’s useful)

Before the wave of super offended people come to kill my body to death, let me just state this; yes, I understand the past of the word and why it’s gotten it’s meaning. I can also understand why this is offensive to others, but that doesn’t matter. Why not you may be asking, well, wait a second well I lubricate my vocal flaps (they’re flaps, not cords, LOOK IT UP. Trust me, I’m not lying) via use of dihydrogen monoxide based liquids so my throat doesn’t dry up faster then a desert.

Well, first off, honestly, learn some apathy. “Someone said a word! I’m offended!” Yes, words have meaning, remember though; mean people exist. They exist everywhere, and everyone, including themselves, have to deal with the fact that they are inhabitants of this small part of the universe.

They could tell you “F(Censored) YOU YOU F(DATA EXPUNGED) DEGENERATE A(Too rude, smh)” And then start foaming at the mouth like a rabid chihuahua who secretes WAY too much saliva out of rage, but it shouldn’t matter to you. They hate you, so what? Sure, it’s more than likely going to hurt you. But, think about it for a moment. Words have meaning because we attach meaning to them. Those words are only hurtful because you know what they’re saying.

Try to understand someone speaking a foreign language. Unless you know it, you’re going to have no idea what they’re saying. So if you didn’t know better, they could be saying the most vile garbage to you, and you wouldn’t know. Take this same approach to insults. Maybe even try to laugh at the insult, show that you’re above their petty attitude and are able to laugh at your own faults.

So now, go out, be free from my linguistic rant. And I shall go back to mine own life. I hope you took something away from this other than seething rage and destain for me.

Oh, one more thing. Don’t insert this torpor into every part of your life, you’ll suck all the emotion from yourself if you do that.