Blog Log 4

The Origami Lab

This article is a really interesting delve into how it just takes the right person with the right set of interests to change what is seen as a childish past-time into a serious scientific and technological solutions to jobs.

The passion the article has about writing about this origami creator, Robert J. Lang, and his past-time of choice is truly enrapturing in a way only someone with a deep connection and enthusiasm for a subject can. As a person who loves both explaining and having stuff be explained to them by someone who’s truly and outwardly passionate about a subject, this article just hot all the right spots for me, and even kinda inspires me to maybe try some origami of my own too.

Also, going back on how he intertwined his interest with science is an interesting look into how an art form can translate itself into science, and how it might be of worth to pull inspiration from outside of your current field to gather ideas and answer problems in a way you might not have thought of before.

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