Lanterns Project- Dominican Republic

Even though the group has had multiple setbacks with time over equipment issues we’ve gotten a lot done in a really short amount of time and learned a lot in the process. We’ve gotten almost everything on the circuits installed and are waiting for the shell designs to be completed so asssembly can continue and we can finish the project. We’ve learned a lot about circuits and electricity and how to build an electric circuit and we learned a bit about soldering as well.

Straw Tower Challenge

Construction Phase

Build your tower and test it to see if it can support the golf ball. Then, answer the questions below:

1. How similar was your design to the actual tower you built.

It wasn’t, we chose the easiest approach and built up from it.

2. If you found you needed to make changes during the construction phase, describe why your team decided to make revisions.

Earthier because it wasn’t being supported sufficiently or the weight distribution was off so it kept leaning.

3. Did you use all the parts provided to you? Were any of the parts used only to increase the height of the tower?

I believe we used most of the materials but not all of them. Some of the material was used to increase the tower height for competitive reasons, otherwise we had a place for the weight the entire time.

Student Worksheet (continued):  Evaluation

Complete the evaluation questions below:

1. Describe the shape or construction of the tower that was the tallest and won the challenge? How was this tower different from yours, if yours did not win?

It was straight up (each section supported tightly and secured to the next) with several thin supports all around it ending 2/3rds the way up the tower for stabilization. Ours wasn’t supported the best and wasn’t designed for balance, everything sort of supported something else which also made it weak.

2. If you had a chance to do this project again, what would your team have done differently?

Changed the design to make the supports independent and balanced properly and centred the weight so it would lean as little as possible on its own and with weight on the top especially.

3. Do you think that this activity was more rewarding to do as a team, or would you have preferred to work alone on it? Why?

As a team because there’s all the positives you get out of working as a team and you also combine ideas to hopefully make one strong structure instead of a weak support system with a bunch of lean and weight at the top half.

4. If you could have used one additional material (tape, glue, wood sticks, foil — as examples) which would you choose and why?

I don’t know if we would’ve needed any other material, maybe more of everything to make it taller but not much else.

5. Do you think that once a building is designed and approved for construction that many aspects are changed during the building process? Why or why not?

Things are overlooked. Nothing stays the same forever and it doesn’t matter if they aren’t changed because it’s for the better.

6. How long do you think it will take before a building is constructed that surpasses the height of the Burj Khalifa? Where do you think it will be built? Why?

around 2028/30. Russia, Poland, or somewhere in Canada.

Marshmallow challenge

Create a blog post reflecting your group’s process with the marshmallow challenge. Also, post any pictures you might have taken during the process.

Answer all of the following questions on your Edublog. Simply copy/paste questions onto your blog and provide answers below.

Was there a leader on your team? Who was it and who decided who the leader would be?
Ansleigh decided to be leader based on no one else wanted to be and took charge of the project.

If you had no leader, do you think having designated someone a leader would have helped?

If you had a leader, how did he/she do?
She did well, knew relatively enough about what the idea of the project was and managed to create an idea that withstood theoretically and built based off of it.

How helpful was everyone on your team in challenging the process of building the tallest structure?
Everyone helped fairly equally, and assisted in some way, shape or form to create the winning “tower”.

Did anyone appear to be an expert?
It took a while to get an idea of how we were going to start but once we did we kept going and used all the materials usefully.

Did any team members tune out of the activity — out of frustration with other members or for some other reason?
No, never came to that.

What could you have done to keep all members of the group fully engaged?
Given everyone a job or had everyone assist in some way of contribution.

Did you feel everyone’s ideas were well received during the activity?
Yea, there were no issues, everyone that had ideas were used to some degree and they all worked.

How did you feel as the time limit was approaching?
We were all feeling solid about the time in the second half because we were moving along great and nothing was going wrong so we were able to stay focused.

Did pressure increase?
It was high for a couple of group members during the first half because we didn’t know how long it was going to last, but we got started and it worked out, pressure was gone completely by the time there were 4 minutes left.

If yes, was that helpful or not?
It was at the beginning because it helped us get started and think hard and then it eased off completely within ten minutes.

In retrospect, what could you have done better?
Not much, other than maybe having a better idea for strength in the support aspect of the structure but I think we were doing fine.

Did you celebrate small wins? If yes, how did you do this?
Kept building higher.

What Is The Meaning Of Life

Dead Poets Society gives a very “mannered” version of the philosophy behind the question: “What IS the meaning of life?” In today’s day, people are more concerned about drawing attention or being in their own world that if the roles of careless humans were reversed we might have extreme technology and human advancements by now.

The shadow most individuals live in is their own because they don’t have others to reflect off of. “Carpe Diem” (Keaton-D.P.S.) is the perfect quote for this question and the philosophy behind it because it captures the essence of imagination, productivity, youth-hood, and the truth is: adults are way too “adult” these days. Where did the maturity level in adults come in that laughing too much is a bad thing, or asking too many questions is annoying? Anyone who thinks kids are insubordinate are out of their minds because if we all started acting mature there wouldn’t be anything left of earth to make baby food with to create and sustain today’s society. “Seize The Day” isn’t the definition of a punishment, it’s the definition of virtuous. Since when did immature mean unbalanced or insubordinate? What is the meaning of life: The meaning of life is prosperity without negativity in contemporary intimacy. How do we accomplish this apparently amazing and doubting task? We never stop pushing, everyone is equal, has right to everything. Poetry is used in the language at hand because it is a part of our mind. We think whatever is closest or similar to the current state, synopsis, feeling or equivalence and match it or complete it to feel remorse for our actions in a positive fashion. Words don’t even have to equal their own equality to be compassionate in interest. Fashion, dancer, they all have character count and pronunciation in common. Moreover, turndown, those both have a similar phycological similarity. They reference to switching something or flipping around or going back over something where they are used in a sentence but they sound relatively similar even if they don’t directly rhyme visually or contextually, but thereContext makes them similar. That’s the answer to “what is the meaning of life”: similarity through diversity. Is a man in a hood any different than a woman wearing a veil? There identical in context just like I am to you. Yes we all have deep contextual differences like colour, look-not overall of course-because we can find a difference if we do that and try hard enough. Equality isn’t a metaphor, socials class, sports tournaments, culture or independence. We put that in our own heads. A real game changer would be saying “we are all the same.” In order for order to be second hand we need to learn the art of poetry and become poetry in ourselves because it’s the closest we have currently to who we truly are. Humanity isn’t lost, the people in it are. Dead Poets Society reveals an ideal for what life should be represented as, demonstrated by Mr. Keating. The partial representation of life isn’t defined by “life” anymore. It’s defined by power, inequality, and popularity. If everyone wasn’t popular you probably wouldn’t know the person beside you in your entire lifetime but you would be happy in your life. When Keating “forces” Todd to speak up for himself in front of the class he demonstrates that everyone has a voice and you have to find it to become who you want be in society and when Todd finds his voice he speaks up for himself and how he feels about his brother and the other classmates.

There is no such thing as offensive, wrong, or “we’re all the same”. There is such a thing as human and it describes us all and if we don’t like it, we aren’t in-human, we’re unique. Everyone is unique, but not because they disobey or go outside the lines- because we’re brave, and humans always have been since the caveman days right?