Character Sketch – Two Fishermen

K. Smith from the short story “Two Fishermen” by Morley Callaghan is visiting a small town. “Smith is a mild harmless-looking little guy” ( Morley Callaghan 1); he has grey hair with caramel color skin made by the sunny days fishing at the lake. He has a “large head, tapering down to a small chin, a birdlike neck, and a very wistful smile”(Morley Callaghan 3). Smith is married and have 5 children, he’s work occupation is as a hangman, his work is pretty tough but he’s used to it, you would not imagine that a little harmless-looking man’s job is to kill people. Probably his job is one of the most hated ones by the society but he does not care and he still gets his job done.
he goes fishing every weekend with his wife but mostly alone, smith is not good making friends because everybody is scared of him because of what he does.

Smith has a good heart but people judge him for what he does and at the end of the story show us to don’t judge the book by its cover, smith felt betrayed by who he thought was his friend.

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