Shakespeare stop motion induction scene


Created by Julian Parr-forest, Avery Swedberg, and Dasha, This stop motion movie was based on Shakespeare’s  play, “The Taming of the Shrew”. The movie only featured the induction, not the inset. Meaning it showed the parts leading up to the play. The stop motion format was much simpler than organizing actors, picking parts and practicing, making costumes, writing a script, and building a stage. We only needed Lego pieces, a camera, and a narrator script.

Many problems occurred, especially during the making of the stop motion movie. During the making, the stage would brake, move, and ruin the shot. The characters weren’t any easier to use. They would consistently fall down,and loose parts. Moving them was even worse, the limbs were hard to set, and would misplace the stage. The stop motion application was the worst, the app wouldn’t let us continue with a scene after it’s been edited. At the end of every scene, the app would place an advertisement for itself, making us have to edit the scenes. All of this combined made it a frustrating project, and I don’t remember teachers using this idea in less they have the right technology.

The main lesson we learned was to not discourage ourselves when a problem occurred, and to make sure that we’re focused.

Edible DNA Lab

1) What is DNA?

Today in science I learned about the DNA structure. I learned that DNA is in  the nucleus of a cell, it contains information about what type of cell it is, what it will do, when it will die. It looks like a ladder that is twisted. This shape is called a double helix. The two DNA  sides are made up of phosphate and sugar. The ladder is made of 4 nitrogen bases the bases are Guanine,Cytosine, Adenine and Thymine. The bases can only be paired up with one other base like Guanine with Cytosine and Adenine with Thymine.

2) What do the parts represent?

Licorice: The licorice represents the DNA sides. The licorice also represents the phosphate and sugar.

Marshmallow: The marshmallow represents the 4 nitrogen bases

Toothpicks: held the bases together

I can’t post the pictures sorry


3) This activity helped visually and now I know ho a DNA model looks











The science app review

Science app review

The app I chose is the 3D brain and it shows you a full model of the brain and you can spin it and also on the sidebar in the app it tells you all the information and labels every single part of the brain.


  1. The app helps users build skills because it shows you a full 3D model of the brain and labels every single part of the brain
  2. It took about 25 mins to figure out because it had so much buttons and sidebars that it was a little bit difficult to figure out but then I started to study the app that now I became a pro at it.
  3. The element is the brain and it is different from other apps because it shows it to you in 3D.

     I wasn’t here on the day when we got it so I only did these 3 questions

My digital footprint

My Digital Footprint                         

  1. It will affect your opportunities because if you something bad about your job they can after just google your name and you can get fired. If you wrote that elections are stupid and then you were one of the candidates you will get kicked off the election.
  2. You make sure not to write hurtful things, talk to the people if you’re in a fight instead of texting them hurtful things and look at what you post before sending it to your friends.
  3. That you should only post appropriate and safe things on your blogs and facebook.


The secluded lot

The secluded lotThe secluded lot 2Exposition
“I’d like to inquire about a lot,” the old man said, the effort of decision evident in his voice. (115)
Rising action
“I’d prefer an older location.” The old man looked down at his unpolished shoes, embarrassed. “ I mean, where trees and shrubs have a chance to grow.” (115)
Rising action
“there might be room just one more off willow walk here,” he said. (116)
Rising action
Something prompted Mr. Jerome to intrude the old  man’s privacy. (117)
“How dare you operate a beehive in this cemetery?” (117)
Falling action
“You sell the honey?” Jerome was shocked.
Falling action
“Mr. Jerome, I have done a great service. Your flowers have never been so magnificent or plenty.” (120)
“Mr. Jerome, I have reached an important decision: I should like to buy another lot.” (121)