Pedestrian Persuasive Video assignment

I will have to say technology is a blessing because it helps us with everyday problems and a great tool for school research and projects. Technology is very helpful for detectives and to track down phones of missing people, and social media that is downloaded on our technology spreads information that is important such as a school shooting, or a kidnapping, or a dangerous person who walks around town, this information is extremely important and if it weren’t for people on social media spreading this news like wildfire then a lot of people would not know and then more kids will be kidnapped or more shootings will occur. Another thing that technological devices help with movements like #BlackLivesMatter so black people can be employed and that they can vote. And that technology really helped with this important event. And that technology is a huge part of modern medicine especially all the machines such as MRI’S, CAT scans, and x rays. Also, with technology, they were able to invent machines that can test your blood and find hidden diseases. Also, there is this machine that only takes one drop of blood for the test instead of taking a whole test tube, and people are not as afraid to get them done since there are no needles. Our society advanced and it is important because we have a new way of communication, entertainment, and safety. If I ever need to contact an emergency service instead of running to a landline, I can pull out my mobile device and call for help, that is a big part of safety knowing that nothing can happen to you. And having that advantage to access the internet to research certain projects and all the information that pops up and that you can use, instead of going to the library and searching for information by hand. And helpful proofreaders such as Grammarly help with essays, job applications, and many more uses. I don’t understand how people can blame technology for problems that they are experiencing with social communication even though it’s the person’s choice to stay on their device all the time. It should be used moderately and not overused.